Ania Gomez: A Field Day

I would be brief, I was with some camping friends, we had a great time.There was a particular person who caught my attention but it was impossible, he was my friend’s boyfriend.But in carelessness at the afternoon of the night, the passion won us and we end up as Beasts having sex in the middle of the forest ..has something the same happened to you ??? would be happy to read it

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Luci Santos: My Best Orgasm in the Library

It’s raining. The drops slowly fall out the window. It is winter and it’s cold even though my body burns inside. Tomorrow I have literature exam and the notes are piled up on the table. My head is debated between continuing to study Charles Bukowski or getting carried away by the passion and fire that hides under my panties. Finally the temptation expires the pulse. I take my mobile phone, open whatsapp and write a message to Pablo. "I am in the university library, I want to see you." It soon takes more than a minute to answer: "I dress and go there."My heart begins to beat very strong and my mind immerses itself in a million obscene thoughts. I remember the other day at his house: his body next to mine, he unbuttoning my shirt buttons slowly, licking my breasts, I ride to the rhythm of the chords of ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd, his song Favorite No one had ever excited me so much. I turn on even more."Hello," someone interrupts my thoughts. Take a chair and sit at the table next door. Take out the notes from your backpack and place them on top. He is so handsome. That adjusted shirt and the underpants appearing on the edge of the cowboy pants … I’m looking forward to taking them away.We both try to concentrate on the study knowing that sooner or later the ecstasy will explode

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Sophiie Ross: Steamy Gym Experience

Hello guys, how are you, I want to tell you about my experience that I had this week in the gym, I was training very hard and from one moment to the next I felt a tingling sensation in my lower abdomen, my legs were shaking, I was sweating, I felt hot, and a sensation very hot sexual, I could not believe that this was happening to me in the gym, my clothes became very wet and I immediately went to the men’s bathroom to spy on them and touch myself, I ended with a big, very wet explosion, I would love to repeat this experience .

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Cassie Faye: What's the Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

Okay, you’re probably going to laugh at this one but I’m being completely serious! The hardest part of camming is doing my makeup! I’m kind of a tomboy and don’t usually wear makeup unless it’s for a special event or a big night out, so I’m not very good at putting it on because I haven’t had much practice! Before going live, I would try out random online tutorials and experiment with my products. It was fun and exciting, but I noticed that many viewers complement my face more when I’m wearing less – and many of you have expressed that you don’t really like the heavy dark eye looks! A lighter, more natural style seems to be a consistent a winner with my audience, so I’m going to do more of those styles in my future broadcasts! Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback and compliments, you guys really are the real MVPs! Xoxo, Cassie

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Eveliin Hill: Dream

Last night I was so excited that I started watching porn and decided to masturbate before going to bed and since I was thinking about sex all day I had a wet dream where they sucked my vagina so delicious that after I came in her mouth she fucked me very hard and… Come into my room and I’ll keep telling you how delicious it is.

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Ashley Zaens: I Feel a Little Naughty

Go down to my rooms right now and don’t come out until I ask you to.Show me how mine you can be and make me go crazy with pleasure by feeling how your tongue gives me the whole orchid of my being. I want to feel how one, two and more fingers sound inside of me.Learn to know me according to my panting and my movements.Find with your touch the cardinal points of my delirium, do not leave anything without digging, here everything is lawful, everything is allowed and what I feel, you will feel with me.Because then I will go in search of my mouthful that I will put in my mouth, savoring slowly, staring at you as I take it to the bottom of my throat, as I lick it like a snake, as I suck it as my chocolate, as I swallow the fluids that begin to bathe my teeth.There, I will possess you completely because everything that is between your crotch belongs to me.And there I will park with my mouth, with my fingers, with my breasts and my whole body. When playing and looking for the points where you will explode with pleasure, where you will ask me and beg for more and more…Remember to visit me in my living room where we can live many fantasies together

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