Cassie Faye: What's the Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

Okay, you’re probably going to laugh at this one but I’m being completely serious! The hardest part of camming is doing my makeup! I’m kind of a tomboy and don’t usually wear makeup unless it’s for a special event or a big night out, so I’m not very good at putting it on because I haven’t had much practice! Before going live, I would try out random online tutorials and experiment with my products. It was fun and exciting, but I noticed that many viewers complement my face more when I’m wearing less – and many of you have expressed that you don’t really like the heavy dark eye looks! A lighter, more natural style seems to be a consistent a winner with my audience, so I’m going to do more of those styles in my future broadcasts! Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback and compliments, you guys really are the real MVPs! Xoxo, Cassie

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