Kitty Morningstar: My First Blog

I’m a girl who likes to professionally prepare and personalize photo sessions, and in my profile picture I wanted to see myself as a sexy cowboy, feel and find a nice place for me is important, so my mission was to find a place in the Forest on the outskirts of my city, I always have in mind what my wardrobe will be like, I prepare it myself and make it. Tell me, do you like this sexy cowgirl? I want to make you feel that I can ride you like a cowgirl from the old west and be able to achieve my fantasy of being there for a moment alone with you.

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Scarlette Ray: A Story About Sex in the Woods with a Passerby

Then he went downstairs, this time he started unbuttoning his jeans, lifted my ass and pulled all these things down to his knees together with his underpants. Piero dug his lips into my pussy, I grabbed his hair and began massaging his head, thus controlling the pace of cunnilingus myself.Then, reaching the peak, I pulled him sharply towards me, he quickly unbuttoned his fly and thrust his penis into me. Well, then according to the rolled-up scheme ah, ah, ah, ah, aah, uuu, eee, more, more, yes, yes, yes…Then he turned me over on my knees and we started fucking like dogs. He grabbed me by the waist and started controlling my movements, well… then I reached the very peak, I can’t convey the feeling that I felt, somewhere inside, everything shrank, and small convulsions went all over my body and we finished with him…

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Simona Gerry: ^-^

Hi all, I’m new to this site and I hope you can show me what’s going on here)) Be nice and polite to me, otherwise I will be sad after my shift. I want to find myself a wonderful man here with whom to have fun. if you want to know about my fetishes or what women like in general, first you have to learn about other aspects of my life

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Ania Gomez: A Field Day

I would be brief, I was with some camping friends, we had a great time.There was a particular person who caught my attention but it was impossible, he was my friend’s boyfriend.But in carelessness at the afternoon of the night, the passion won us and we end up as Beasts having sex in the middle of the forest ..has something the same happened to you ??? would be happy to read it

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Luci Santos: My Best Orgasm in the Library

It’s raining. The drops slowly fall out the window. It is winter and it’s cold even though my body burns inside. Tomorrow I have literature exam and the notes are piled up on the table. My head is debated between continuing to study Charles Bukowski or getting carried away by the passion and fire that hides under my panties. Finally the temptation expires the pulse. I take my mobile phone, open whatsapp and write a message to Pablo. "I am in the university library, I want to see you." It soon takes more than a minute to answer: "I dress and go there."My heart begins to beat very strong and my mind immerses itself in a million obscene thoughts. I remember the other day at his house: his body next to mine, he unbuttoning my shirt buttons slowly, licking my breasts, I ride to the rhythm of the chords of ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd, his song Favorite No one had ever excited me so much. I turn on even more."Hello," someone interrupts my thoughts. Take a chair and sit at the table next door. Take out the notes from your backpack and place them on top. He is so handsome. That adjusted shirt and the underpants appearing on the edge of the cowboy pants … I’m looking forward to taking them away.We both try to concentrate on the study knowing that sooner or later the ecstasy will explode

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Sophiie Ross: Steamy Gym Experience

Hello guys, how are you, I want to tell you about my experience that I had this week in the gym, I was training very hard and from one moment to the next I felt a tingling sensation in my lower abdomen, my legs were shaking, I was sweating, I felt hot, and a sensation very hot sexual, I could not believe that this was happening to me in the gym, my clothes became very wet and I immediately went to the men’s bathroom to spy on them and touch myself, I ended with a big, very wet explosion, I would love to repeat this experience .

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