Cassie Faye: What's the Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

Okay, you’re probably going to laugh at this one but I’m being completely serious! The hardest part of camming is doing my makeup! I’m kind of a tomboy and don’t usually wear makeup unless it’s for a special event or a big night out, so I’m not very good at putting it on because I haven’t had much practice! Before going live, I would try out random online tutorials and experiment with my products. It was fun and exciting, but I noticed that many viewers complement my face more when I’m wearing less – and many of you have expressed that you don’t really like the heavy dark eye looks! A lighter, more natural style seems to be a consistent a winner with my audience, so I’m going to do more of those styles in my future broadcasts! Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback and compliments, you guys really are the real MVPs! Xoxo, Cassie

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Eveliin Hill: Dream

Last night I was so excited that I started watching porn and decided to masturbate before going to bed and since I was thinking about sex all day I had a wet dream where they sucked my vagina so delicious that after I came in her mouth she fucked me very hard and… Come into my room and I’ll keep telling you how delicious it is.

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Ashley Zaens: I Feel a Little Naughty

Go down to my rooms right now and don’t come out until I ask you to.Show me how mine you can be and make me go crazy with pleasure by feeling how your tongue gives me the whole orchid of my being. I want to feel how one, two and more fingers sound inside of me.Learn to know me according to my panting and my movements.Find with your touch the cardinal points of my delirium, do not leave anything without digging, here everything is lawful, everything is allowed and what I feel, you will feel with me.Because then I will go in search of my mouthful that I will put in my mouth, savoring slowly, staring at you as I take it to the bottom of my throat, as I lick it like a snake, as I suck it as my chocolate, as I swallow the fluids that begin to bathe my teeth.There, I will possess you completely because everything that is between your crotch belongs to me.And there I will park with my mouth, with my fingers, with my breasts and my whole body. When playing and looking for the points where you will explode with pleasure, where you will ask me and beg for more and more…Remember to visit me in my living room where we can live many fantasies together

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Ariadna Negrette: What is a Kiss for You?

The one your mother gave you on the forehead when you were sick, the one your nephew gives you who still doesn’t know how to put his lips together to make the gesture, the very resounding kiss from your grandmother or the one you receive together with a good hug. friend, there are many kisses, but here and now we are interested in those that precede something fantastic. The wet kisses with the tongue, the kisses in which the saliva mixes and the bodies get hot, the snogging of a lifetime, come on. We all have one in memory.Tell me what a kiss is for you and visit my living room so we can discover together the meaning of a kiss.

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Denim Leyva: Back in Business!

Hey y’all!Hope your as glad to see me as I am to see you!It’s been a long time coming In my life as a cam model. I started back in 2019 and initially used it for some additional college funds. That’s all it was supposed to be but after making so many wonderful connections I had to reconsider. I’m still exploring myself so I’m always open to new learning experiences so please capitalize off of any teaching moments (wink wink).Anyways, I anticipate building relationships and getting to know each and every one of you.XOXO -Denim Leyva

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Gia King: Poem

In this world full of stereotypes, we are going to talk about the true beauty of being, the intelligence that causes orgasms, the altruistic heart that spreads empathy, your stretch marks that are streaks of eroticism, the tears that live under our pillows, getting up every morning and live when we want everything to end, from the simplicity of the details that make our hearts race, a message, a call, a hug……

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Alesa Jones: Hey

Nice Monday to all of you!I want to know how your weekend was, I want you to tell me. I will be reading them in my transmission.My weekend was great, I went to have my nails done, they were so beautiful and they needed maintenance, would you like to see them?I’ll wait for you this week in my broadcast, don’t forget my schedule from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Colombian time

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