Gia King: Poem

In this world full of stereotypes, we are going to talk about the true beauty of being, the intelligence that causes orgasms, the altruistic heart that spreads empathy, your stretch marks that are streaks of eroticism, the tears that live under our pillows, getting up every morning and live when we want everything to end, from the simplicity of the details that make our hearts race, a message, a call, a hug……

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Alesa Jones: Hey

Nice Monday to all of you!I want to know how your weekend was, I want you to tell me. I will be reading them in my transmission.My weekend was great, I went to have my nails done, they were so beautiful and they needed maintenance, would you like to see them?I’ll wait for you this week in my broadcast, don’t forget my schedule from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Colombian time

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Krystall Maui: A Great Start Krystall Maui Origin of My Name

I send a special greeting to you who have stopped to read these letters. I feel very happy and highly motivated to live this webcam experience. My name is a combination of a special taste and a dream to fulfill.KRYSTALL comes from a special taste for crystals, since they symbolize the power of nature and time turned into sources of energy. I want you to come into my living room and talk about the crystals and maybe I can show you how my body fills with energy and pleasure when I feel the crystals on my skin.MAUI is the second part of my name and refers to one of the places I dream of visiting, the Hawaiian Islands, a place whose volcanic activity shows the power of the earth and the minerals that emanate from it.

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Laia Evans: Things That Happen in My Room

hi guys!Well friends, let’s talk about music, I have already told some of you that music has the power to transmute my emotions, it is a journey to consciousness, I like to listen to all kinds of music and know a little more about what lies behind all that, I listen to everything from jazz and blues, to rock and techno with all its variations and mixes, to reggaeton, which is more popular in my region. I would like you to visit me in my room and tell me what you think of what it sounds like, maybe I will accept new suggestions to learn about.

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Reachel Smith: Christmas Moments

This Christmas I had many things to do, one of them was to organize myself with the important dates, December 7 in my country is the day of the candles, for December 24 the family dinner is a good night that day we had a meal special . In my house, with my family this day, I had a great time hahaha, we were listening to music and dancing, we shared great moments, we talked a lot about the moments we lived in our year, we have a particular way of dressing more elegant. And with raised glasses we offer for this new year. I wanted to tell you a little about myself let me know how your end was

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