Chloee Fox: How I Went to Visit My Parents.

I decided to visit my parents. Summer, heat, the weather is in full swing. I bought plane tickets. I flew to my parents in the city. They met me at the airport. I joyfully ran to meet them with open arms. It’s been so long since we’ve seen them, like it’s been forever. We drove home in the car, and I chatted all the way without closing my mouth. They listened to me and smiled. When we got home, I almost burst into tears. At home, he still smells delicious and native. Almost nothing has changed. We ate a cake and decided that we would go to the lake for the night. We took tents, firewood, meat, marshmallows and much more. We loaded it all into the car, bought ice cream and left. We arrived at the lake, set up tents and immediately went swimming. The water is a little cool, and it’s hot outside. Ideal. We swam, played ball, built sand castles, ate ice cream, fried meat and ate meat. At night we sat by the campfire next to the tents.They talked about life, I told a lot about my everyday adventures, they told a lot of things, told horror stories to each other and laughed I was cold, my father covered me with a blanket, and I fell asleep. In the morning we packed all our things and went home. I fell asleep again, only this time in the car. And when I woke up, we were already approaching the house. As it turned out, we also stopped by for burgers. Dad bought my favorite. It was so sweet. I will always remember this trip with my parents to the lake. Love and appreciate your loved ones.

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Sophie Montes: My Favorite Toys

We’ll change that name to… the toy that has made me cum the most in my life.Good to start a good blog I will give you a small introduction I had never done a squirt in my life. Now that you know that you will be more in context because it was something that I had always wanted in a sexual act. I saw videos, I did everything they said, I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t… it’s so difficult.I bought my first hitachi (vibrator toy) and I loved it lol, it gave me a lot of pleasure but I never managed to squirt. Then a user came to my show who longed for it as much as I did and paid me time to practice it.I discovered that it was something that I had to do alone first, I had to discover what my body enjoyed the most and how I could enhance it.One day alone in my house I masturbated for a long time, like any girl my age and I brought my hitachi with me. I don’t know how I got to squirt but I think it was the best feeling of my life…Now I just can’t stop doing it and the love of my life is my hitachi. Do you have a favorite toy?

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Isabella & Nicol: It’s Time to Eat

today we made a very intense couple plan, we were eating hamburger but something unexpected happened with Isabella.We sat in the corner of the restaurant, there was very low lighting, excellent music (our favorite 80’s rock repertoire), we both wore very short dresses and because of the weather we did not wear underwear.Isa was very anxious because it was our first time without thongs in a public place, while the food arrived I felt how her hands rubbed my crotch, how she wet me with every inch of her fingers introduced little by little in me.She looked me in the eyes and began to kiss me with such intensity, she filled my neck with her saliva and bit her, she whispered to me intensely that she wanted me to make her mine, that she wanted me to touch her endlessly in that place.The waitress arrived at that moment and she winked at us, looked at us with desire, we managed to notice how she touched her legs her mouth, she saw her saliva moisturizing her lips; She got very nervous and accidentally dropped her cutlery, she bent down to pick it up and we noticed how her eyes lit up when she noticed our absence of interiors

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Victoria Peige: My Trip Experience

I was too happy and nervous because it was my first time travbeling abroad, I loved the view from the plane and I loved when I got off and touched foreing land, What I liked the most about the trip was the food, I dont really like seafood, but while I eas there Iate fish and fish soup, something that for me is very strange, I loved all the places I visited, My experience at sea was very good and I must admint that I discovered my fear of the depth of the sea, Another thing that I really liked the cute guys I saw in the place.I met one who seemed very interesting to me, when I met him I realized that he had something that I liked and I went wwith him to see the secret places on the beach, I also like to perform on Joyourself

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