Sophie Montes: My Favorite Toys

We’ll change that name to… the toy that has made me cum the most in my life.Good to start a good blog I will give you a small introduction I had never done a squirt in my life. Now that you know that you will be more in context because it was something that I had always wanted in a sexual act. I saw videos, I did everything they said, I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t… it’s so difficult.I bought my first hitachi (vibrator toy) and I loved it lol, it gave me a lot of pleasure but I never managed to squirt. Then a user came to my show who longed for it as much as I did and paid me time to practice it.I discovered that it was something that I had to do alone first, I had to discover what my body enjoyed the most and how I could enhance it.One day alone in my house I masturbated for a long time, like any girl my age and I brought my hitachi with me. I don’t know how I got to squirt but I think it was the best feeling of my life…Now I just can’t stop doing it and the love of my life is my hitachi. Do you have a favorite toy?

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